Making it easier
for those you are leaving

My Lifebook is designed to help you collate all the important and personal things about your life so that you can find them at a glance whenever you need them and, when they need it most, your family or friends will have all the information they need to carry out your wishes.
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My Lifebook with a family
For young and old to create and record all the things they want others to know in the event of death or memory loss; to assist with dementia or just a reassuring record to give you peace of mind. The book can be added to along the way …
make it easy for your family to access important data about your accounts

‘My Lifebook’
You won’t know how you
managed without it!

16 easy to complete sections and over 60 pages on which you can note things that are important to you. It covers everything from who your next of kin is, who your Executors and Solicitors are, to what arrangements you’d like to make for your pets. There’s plenty of space for notes too, so in case there’s something we’ve missed, you can create your very own pages full of information to make it ‘My Lifebook’.

My Lifebook has a hardback cover, is perfect bound and is robust so that you can add details to it over the years. This is a must for every family member.
Only £14.99 plus £3.95 postage and packing.
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My Lifebook saves time and worry by keeping important information in one easy to complete book.

Why do we need a “Lifebook?”

We actually started putting together the Lifebook and creating the Frank & Mabel brand in 2019, but if the pandemic has taught us anything, it’s that you never know what’s around the corner and for the sake of those left behind, it makes sense to have our affairs in order.

My Lifebook - ensuring that even at the saddest of times, there’s one less thing for those you love to worry about.

Sue and Heather
My Lifebook - index of important information about youBuy My Lifebook
Only £14.99
plus £3.95 postage and packing.